Titan x Brand Black J.Crossover 3 ‘Mr. Mayhem’

Looking to the other side of the globe, Brand Black brings to the country of the Philippines, an exclusive model with the release of the “Mr. Mayhem” J. Crossover 3 in collaboration with footwear boutique shop, TITAN.

The shop’s first-ever collaboration with the Footwear brand is in commemoration of TITAN’s 6-year anniversary of being the country’s go-to destination for the latest footwear available.

The Mr. Mayhem J.Crossover 3 is inspired by outlaw motorcycle club culture where brotherhood, loyalty, commitment, ambition and a mutual respect of both brands love for the game result in the model that is being in Manila, Philippines before a super-limited release becomes available to the public.

The collaboration brings together the very best of the Brand Black’s J.Crossover 3’s blade traction and supportive force vector midsole plates, paired with authentic TITAN visuals, making the Titan x Brand Black J. Crossover 3 ‘Mr. Mayhem’ a culmination of novelty and functionality.

Keeping with the motorcycle theme, the shoes bold highlights of Blue Curaçao & Chrome are reminiscent of a motorcycles’ colourful gas tank and metallic chrome accents. Patent leather makes up the heel counter, collar trim, and the inside of the removable shroud, immediately reminding you of a motorcycles leather seat.

Brand Black’s growth in the basketball footwear game has become one that cannot be unnoticed. From being an upstart brand from El Segundo (fueled by the visions of founder David Raysse & CD Billy Dill), to being an emerging footwear player not only in North America but widely recognized across the world evidenced by the release of the J.Crossover 3 Mr. Mayhem; we can’t help but wait and see what’s next from the brand.

Limited to 366 pairs, the Titan x Brand Black J.Crossover 3 ‘Mr. Mayhem’ will release exclusively at Titan Fort on August 25, 2016, with a wider release across all Titan shops and www.titan22.com on August 27, 2016.

For more information on Brand Black go to www.brandblack.com