Before the advent of the athlete as a global brand, or social media and the internet making anything relevant if it was cool enough for people to talk about, and long before big money was pumped into extensive marketing campaigns, footwear companies only had TV commercials to make a connection to the consumer. Some were cool back in the day, others, were a little less.

Unlike the big three sneaker companies now, (Nike, adidas and Under Armour) who run the world of hoop, it all belonged to Converse. This classic Cons Weapon commercial shows six NBA All-Star players, cumulatively – five Hall of Famers, two original Dream Teamers, two multiple-time NBA MVP’s, a scoring title holder and nine combined NBA championships.

All talking about their choice of ball shoes – the Converse Weapon.

The best part, is that the players and the sneaker itself are so iconic, representing the better parts of 80’s basketball. Unfortunately, the bars they spit are so incredibly cheesy, I’m sure at the time this was hot and everyone loved it, but looking back now it was bad. So bad. But so bad it was good.

Always remember, before the Jadakiss & Allen Iverson Reebok commercial, before the Kobe vs. Tim Duncan in the rap/ball off for Sprite, and even before David Robinson was playing classical piano for Nike, there was a rappin’ Larry Bird and his Cons.