Photography by Jalani Morgan @jalanimorgan

Much has been said about the Under Armour Curry Two, the follow-up signature model for the brand’s (and arguably the NBA’s) marquee athlete. With the release of the Curry Two Low, we see just how well it performs compared to its predecessor.

With the recent on-court success of Under Armour’s ClutchFit Drive and Curry One, the expectations for Stephen Curry’s model remain high as an on-court performer, with all models being favourites here at Sole Shift.



The Curry Two was built upon a wide-based durable rubber outsole, composed of what Under Armour calls an “organic herringbone outsole,” siped out in all different directions to create traction angles, no matter the direction. The outsole layout features a two-part heel and full forefoot, with the cut out under the arch replaced with a TPU midfoot shank. The result, traction that rated super high on both clean and dusty court surfaces, allowing you to move, stop, pivot, step back and cut where you wanted, regardless of speed of play. The Curry Two Low performed like a well-tuned automobile in the traction category, and arguably is one of the best available on the market today, (right up there with the Kyrie 2 in terms of traction).

Traction: 9 indoor court, 8.5 dusty indoor court; 8 outdoor court





You would expect that Under Armour would spare no expense when it came to cushioning for the model of the two-time MVP. The challenge faced with the Curry Two Low was how to provide premiere cushioning without diminishing the dynamic, high-agility skill set of Curry? The answer, throw in a full-length Charged Foam midsole, which provides a FIRM cushioning platform. It’s not as plush as some might want, and definitely not as a plush as experienced in the Curry One, but the firmer setup delivers a responsive cushioned feel underfoot, with above average court feel, without sacrificing anything in the impact protection department.

Cushioning: 8





The well-received SpeedForm upper material which debuted in UA’s running Apollo series, and partly within the original Curry Two, has now gone one step further in the Low with a full-length SpeedForm upper and synthetic overlay at the end of the toe box area. As expected, the thin, malleable material created a superb one-to-one fit, requiring little to no break-in time, minimized any occurrence of pressured hot spots, and is designed to accommodate an ankle brace, if necessary. In regards to fit, the Curry Two Low feels SUPER LOW, (similar to the one feel of wearing a pair of soccer cleats). This sensation is most likely due the angle in which the ankle collar is cut, just under where the ankle bone sits, and the SpeedForm’s neoprene-like material. Keeping with the heel fit, one issue some players, (not all) might experience is some heel slippage when playing. It’s counterbalanced with a highly contoured heel cup, complete with external heel counter, but there is slightly more heel slippage when compared to the higher Curry Two version.

The Curry Two runs true-to-size, with a standard, snug, yet forgiving fit right out of the box.

Upper Materials & Fit: 8





The full-length SpeedForm upper (although softer than traditional leather) provided great midfoot lockdown and solid containment upon quick starts and abrupt heavy stops. The lacing system and upper, kept the athlete’s midfoot upon the footbed regardless of direction of movement, with slight slippage on lateral movements (as a result of the aforementioned heel fit).
To note: Comparing SpeedForm in the Curry Two versus the Anafoam upper used  in the Curry One, both provided a comfortable feel.

Stability scored high as Under Armour checked off all standard stability markers when it comes to this category including; Midfoot shank, wide/stable platform, lateral outrigger and midfoot shank providing solid stability and torsional rigidity. The external thermoplastic heel counter completed the support picture, which may have benefited from a slightly beefier setup, but was still more than capable in keeping the athlete stable throughout game play.

Support & Stability: 8.5



Under Armour continues to prove they are legitimate players in the performance market, building upon what’s worked, without straying too much by introducing out-of-the-box innovation. The Curry Two Low model is a solid on-court shoe, but is not going to run away with any performance awards per se. But if you’re looking for a lightweight, responsive package, that demands good court feel, great traction, a high level of midfoot support and firm yet responsive cushioning the Curry Two Low is one that you’ll want to put in your rotation.