It’s a fun narrative to form when discussing fallen stars and it’s an angle that Derrick Rose is more than familiar with. We all know the story by now, yet every summer the talk about Rose seems to be about when he’s going to truly be back. His hometown Chicago Bulls had enough of this conversation deciding to move the South Side native to the Big Apple in a big summer trade. Since his arrival in New York, Rose has had a lot to say, most notably going on record that his New York Knickerbockers, “Are every bit the super team that the Golden State Warriors are.” If the Knicks are going to fulfill this prophecy, Rose must be a big part of it. To do that, he’s going to need a great pair of shoes to help him get there, so we tested his new signature shoe: The D-Rose 7 from adidas, to see if they would be good enough.



In one word: Incredible, here’s why.

The traction system is built around a translucent, wide base outsole with a multi directional herringbone pattern. The D Rose 6 featured a deep ‘V’ pattern but the pattern this year was a lot more detailed with smaller waves running across the heel and forefoot, two of the most common planting points. adidas also designed the outsole on the outside of the foot to stick out a bit wider which adds even more traction when changing directions laterally.




The D-Rose 7 cushion setup is based on what’s become adidas basketball’s calling card – full length Boost in addition to strategically placed cushioning in high impact areas of the foot. The Boost technology runs from heel to toe as it did in the previous model. The plastic heel counter runs a bit low to provide extra support to the Boost in the heel, where explosive jumpers and runners strike most often. The ankle collar runs a bit high and, in addition to the tongue, is very well padded. for a well thought out cushioning system that addresses the explosive nature of its signature athlete and the game in general.


Upper Materials & Fit


The adidas D Rose 7’s run true to size, but are built on a narrower last when compared to last year’s model. This season’s model features two types of Upper Material finishes: Engineered Mesh and Primeknit. We received the Primeknit version for our weartest so we will focus on that one specifically.

The Primeknit upper feels and responds very similarly to Nike Flyknit with the major difference of added structure in three key places: the toe box, ankles, and heel counter which provide excellent stability and an extra level of comfort. The front is fortified with a nylon strip on the inside edge of the toe box to provide stability in the forefoot, while the midfoot is anchored by two leather straps that run vertically between the midfoot and ankle, and a plastic heel counter runs along the back of the shoe to hold together both the Primeknit and Boost technology while providing great lockdown. The downside of the added structure is the added weight, as the D Rose 7 weighs in at approximately 15 oz, which is on the bulkier side and the support for the Primeknit is a big reason why.


Support & Stability


The D-Rose 7 is intelligently built, with systems in place to provide great support and stability. With measures like the heel counter, nylon strap, and vertical straps supporting the Primeknit upper the shoes proved to be both comfortable and stable.


Final Thoughts

Just like the Crazy Light Boost 2016 & Crazy Explosive before it, the D Rose 7 is a beast on the court, although may not necessarily your first choice to be rocking off it. What it may lack in off-court appeal, it’s makes up in performance when the whistle blows and your playing the game. In summary, the best feature of the D-Rose 7 is definitely the traction. The horizontal traction in the forefoot runs perpendicular to the floor which is how the shoe is able to stop and start so quickly. The support and stability systems are well thought out, however if you are a player who prefers light shoes this may not be the shoe for you. However, if weight isn’t an issue and you crave great traction, lockdown and support than this is definitely a shoe worth high consideration.


visuals by: Craig White / @craigcaucasian