Jordan Brand has achieved and maintained great success by combining state of the art apparel designs with savvy marketing strategies. Although Jordan himself has not played an NBA game in over a decade the brand continues to thrive with a strong cast of endorsers and state of the art projects like the new Jordan Hangar.

Conveniently named to match to the “air” theme, the Hangar is described by brand president Larry Miller as, “A home for Jordan Brand athletes, consumers, and anyone associated with the brand.” Located in Playa Vista, a Los Angeles suburb, the Hangar serves as the West Coast counterpart to Terminal 23 – a state of the art basketball facility which will be the future home for high school competitions and other special events. The main attraction in the Hangar is the futuristic basketball court decked out with the iconic Jumpman logo at centre court, and personal logos of Jordan Brand ambassadors, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. The Hangar also features a runway, launch, and landing pad which allows the user to measure metrics such as hang time and force generated during a running jump. The facility has other inventive features such as a 10 foot cube that displays videos of drills which can be followed by the user.

Why would Jordan Brand, allocate resources to a project like this? Simple: to stay on top. What separates JB from its competition is its ability to understand the market and find innovative ways to interact with consumers. The Hangar provides the opportunity to communicate and engage with future basketball stars and ambassadors, by being host to the biggest high school basketball events in the Los Angeles area. With two star brand endorsers playing for the Clippers and a relative lack of presence on the West Coast the Los Angeles area was a natural fit for the Hangar. By providing teenagers that Jordan interaction early, they bank on these stars remembering this experience when considering where they want to sign their big shoe deal.