A new documentary about a young woman exploring her faith and identity as a Muslim-American when a controversial ruling prevents her from playing the sport she loves, is coming soon and we should be waiting to watch it.

Today, in an environment that has been drawing clear lines between tolerance and prejudice, sports, specifically basketball is something that we can always count on to make us equals on the court, as both participant and appreciator. But what if it doesn’t, and something that is your tied to your beliefs and makes you who you are, becomes your scarlet letter?

That is what Life Without Basketball looks to examine.

This documentary by Pixela Pictura follows the story of Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a former Massachusetts Player of the Year and Division 1 player, who after a storied collegiate career, was poised to take her next step at the professional level, only to be roadblocked by a ruling by FIBA, basketball’s governing body. Abdul-Qaadir is unable to wear the hijab in sanctioned competition, in an effort to keep the game “religiously neutral,” essentially locking the door on the devout Muslim from participating using her immense basketball talent.

The film is currently in production and though there is no slated release date, this is one that we should all be looking to see when it hits the screen. In the meantime you can support it here.