Recovery. Recovery. Recovery.

In today’s sports landscape, the need for proper recovery has become just as an important factor as strength training, as a key component of the overall athletic program.

As part of Nike’s “The Nature of Motion” exhibition during Milan’s Design Week, the brand has teamed up with Los Angeles-based architect Greg Lynn, to create a futuristic recovery chair that assists in regulating body temperature, even during a game. Melting away the days of ice packs and microwaveable heating pads for the elite athlete. The Microclimate Chair utilizes 70 embedded Peltier thermoelectric pads, which have the ability to heat and/or cool depending on the desired temperature and electrical charge. The temperature of the pads can be adjusted based on the specific muscle groups targeted, for example, an athlete can focus on keeping their core cool, while simultaneously increasing the temperatures of the pads that target their lower body to keep their legs warm. Incorporating an airflow system, the chair facilitates the movement of air around the athlete to minimize the effects of humidity and moisture management.

Lynn strongly believes that any athletic team with access to this type of technology would gain a serious competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the probability of finding the Microclimate Chair along NBA sidelines, let alone your kid’s weekly basketball game, are light years away as this is only a prototype.