For Michael Jordan, waking up early to outwork the world was not just a part of his occupation as a basketball player, it was a compulsion that almost bordered on obsession. Jordan became the best player because he simply wanted to out-work, out-sweat, out-practice and out-anything whomever he competed against. His renowned work ethic inspired his teammates to work out with him in the early AM, long before it was cool to do so.

And so was born “Michael Jordan’s Breakfast Club” and with it, six championships and numerous iconic performances that live forever in our collective memory.

Jordan Brand looked to these sessions for it’s latest initiative and The Jordan Breakfast Club not only embodies the relentlessness of the brand’s namesake to improve, but also seamlessly brings the brand together in one place. After extending to football, baseball and boxing in addition to it’s basketball roots, this is a perfect way to remind us that without the training, there would be no MJ. Effectively putting him as THE standard of working towards greatness, no matter what sports discipline.

But this isn’t just a cool commercial. There is actually more to this!

The Jordan Breakfast Club will be based on a 30-day workout plan that you can sign up for now, and is set to begin September 6th. Members of the club will receive instruction via email developed by Jordan Master Trainer Alex Molden, as well as other Jordan athletes. These video sessions are geared to all levels and will enable you to essentially train like Jordan. A pretty cool concept and if you’re looking for that next step to greatness this could be it.

The only question is are you ready to get up for it?