The second model in the Kyrie Irving signature line was designed with a first-ever curved outsole and midsole to enhance transition, cutting and banking. From the designers standpoint they felt that this would allow for traction to be engaged regardless of angle or direction of movement. Utilizing oversized, deeper inlets within the full-contact rubber outsole, the Kyrie 2 performed as advertised. Our athlete’s confidently moved around the court wherever and whenever they wanted, regardless of foot placement, which could be argued as a first in our experience. The Kyrie 2 has most definitely provided some of the best traction we’ve ever tested and score almost perfectly by our standards whether on clean and/or dusty indoor or outdoor courts.


The Kyrie 2 incorporates a Zoom Air Unit in the heel for impact protection within a midsole setup that is super firm and responsive. The result, a cushioning platform that provides amazing court feel responsiveness and fluid transitions in any direction, but falters mightily if you looking for a more plush and cushioned ride. Keep this in mind if you have weak knees or are a high-flyer.


The Upper is comprised of a combination of Nike’s Hyperfuse materials + textile mesh. Immediately upon step-in the upper is stiff, providing a supportive sensation, feels durable and provides containment; nevertheless, takes a hit in the comfort category just as quickly.  After a handful of wearings the Uppers did soften up, providing a more comfortable “not thinking about it while playing” feeling for the athlete, and keeping that secure fit.

Midfoot lockdown + support were much improved over the Kyrie 1 and scored high with our testers. The Hyperfuse upper + the mid foot strap keep the athlete’s foot well locked-in upon the footbed.

Stability also tested high as the sculpted TPU heel counter minimized any lateral ankle movement, plus, the wide rounded outsole (which also relinquished the need of incorporating any outriggers), provided a stable platform that minimized any unwanted lateral instability.

Shoe fits true to size, with a standard D width.


If you’re a quick guard whose only care is to go FAST in every which direction, this is the shoe for you. Where TRACTION, COURT FEEL, AND LOCKDOWN are second to none in this model. The break-in period will have to be dealt with, but once that threshold is reached, it’s off to the races. Lastly, the firm ride utilized within the midsole carrier will lack in plush cushioning and impact protection; but you’ll most certainly make it up by blowing by your opponents on both ends of the floor.