Looking to have a piece of the Dream Team? Now you have a shot.

This Friday will be the end of, what could be one of the most incredible basketball related memorabilia auctions ever! Heritage Auctions, a sports collections and memorabilia auction house, is currently home to 31 items from the personal collection of Dr. David A. Fischer. Fischer was the team doctor  for USA Basketball that worked with Michael, Magic, Bird and the rest of the squad from the team’s first practice to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona. He has taken a few ridiculously awesome pieces, and put them up for auction in a once in a lifetime group lot. Among the items listed, are an eclectic assortment from Fischer’s time with the Dream Team that include his team jacket, team bags, team watch, commemorative Olympic ring, the Tournament of the Americas gold medal and a gold, ruby and diamond Dream Team ring. I know, ridiculously awesome like we said.

But the most incredible pieces are what sneaker collectors can only dream of.

Included among the horde, are player model sneakers, from each member of the Dream Team. Yes folks, that’s OG Nike Air Ballistic Force Highs (times two), Nike Air Force 180’s, Nike Air Flight Lite mids (times two), Ewing Eclipse Highs, Converse Magic USA’s, Converse Bird USA’s, Nike Air Flight Huaraches, L.A. Gear Catapults, Avia Clyde’s and of course a pair of Air Jordan VII’s. By the way, did we mention that they’re all signed?

(Pause. Take time to catch your breath)

Now they all have been game worn and they are all in great condition considering how old they are. All the items in the auction are certified and come with letters of authenticity from the owner. That being said, they are not very cheap. The low end of the kicks is about $300 for the Christian Laettner right Huarache and it works it’s way to about the price of  a fully loaded Honda Civic (you can guess who’s pair that is). If you’re looking for a showpiece for your collection or are really looking to own a moment in time, you have until the end of the week to do so. But be prepared for war because these items, sneakers or otherwise, will likely not resurface again.

The signed pair of game-worn Air Jordan Olympic VII signed by His Airness. (PHOTO: Heritage Auctions)

The signed pair of game-worn Air Jordan Olympic VII signed by His Airness. (PHOTO: Heritage Auctions)