Photos courtesy of Jalani Morgan/@jalanimorgan

They say if you look good you will feel good. Stance has always done a fantastic job staying true to the first part of this statement by providing socks that both the casual consumer and the athlete can wear for every day wear or on the basketball court. Stance is now looking to conquer the latter, with the release of the Stance Fusion line of performance socks and it looks, or rather, feels like they are well on their way to doing so. Using what they call Triniti Technology, they have developed socks using a blend of polyester, nylon, spandex and elastic that are cutting edge in design and aesthetics, yet are responsive, supportive, and durable. Much like footwear, they  come complete with the unique and relevant designs that allow basketball players to express their individuality on the hardwood.

Triniti Technology involves three distinct design components:

1. Traction Control

Traction control utilizes lines of silicone on the exterior of the sock, along the heel and bottom to provide the stability needed to make precise movements on the court. The pattern is applied in order to provide maximum grip to the ankle, and forefoot. During testing, the silicone pattern had essentially fused my shoes to my feet, which resulted in zero slippage within the shoe. That responsiveness, allowed for quick change in direction and performing routine movements such as jab steps and drop steps.

2. Advanced Cushion Support System

Stance nailed the Advanced Cushion Support System, (CSS) design aspect by weaving different densities of fabric into various areas of the sock to provide maximum comfort and support for the foot. The sock is composed of 12% elastic, woven into the middle of the sock, referred to as the elastic arch support. This provides athletes an edge by allowing the elastic to fit snug to the foot rather than having the foot adjust to the weave of the sock. The increased density provides extra support for the arch of the foot, while still not allowing the foot to be restricted, which is good news for flat footed athletes. The support provided by the sock was than adequate, especially when paired with footwear that also provides solid support. The front of the sock is woven wider with a seamless toe closure looser to provide a larger, more padded surface to land on when running and jumping. The socks are also woven looser in the heel to create a deep heel pocket which successfully absorbed the pounding these areas of my foot took while I ran up and down the court.

3, Moisture Management

The Quik Wick moisture Management successfully uses a combination of strategically placed ventilation points, and technical fabrics, to absorb moisture and assist in the transfer of excess heat to provide a dry, cool fit. The tube of the sock is woven to create a mesh vent for heat that is generated from the ankles and heels, while the front of the sock is designed with significantly more perforation. The extra breath ability points in the front of the shoe provides quality ventilation for heat generated in both the middle and the front of the foot which I especially found helpful as a forefoot runner.

Overall Impression

After the testing session, I left extremely impressed with the Stance Fusion socks. Most performance socks have been able to correctly combine one or two of the aforementioned components, but never anything above that. Stance was able to intelligently combine innovative technology with their signature designs. Creating a performance sock that not only elevates an athlete’s performance, but also has them feeling and looking good in the process.