For any of us growing up playing sports video games, one thing has always been a constant goal by both video game player & video game developer. And that is, create the most REALISTIC video game possible (developer) resulting in the BEST sports video game available (to be played by all gamers).

From Madden, to Gran Turismo, to basketball gamer’s fave NBA 2K series; the most realistic adaptation of the real thing is usually indicative in how good the video game is.

The game developers at 2K Sports have been holding the bball video game crown for quite some time. And there is little argument that the team creates one of the most realistic basketball gaming experiences around.  From on-court presentation, player’s AI, team and player tendencies, to even the fan in first row eating his popcorn as he cheers on his favourite team. When it comes to avoiding the dreaded bball gamer’s 3-point B#llsh!t factor, the team at 2K do a pretty solid job of not letting any player with a decent 3-pt shooting percentage go off anywhere on the court to change the momentum of the game for the sake of making things closer & more exciting as one plays. The development team is really good at keeping it real so that NBA 2K doesn’t become NBA Jam in the blink of an eye. And they do this by incorporating “universal” algorithms to keep the “3pt Cheapness Barrage” at bay. For so long, it seemed like the virtual NBA experience lived by the motto “NBA: WHERE THE UNIMAGINABLE HAPPENS”. Players would go off if they were a decent shooter and there “sliders” were up. You’d have players like Ray Allen & Larry Bird dropping anything and everything they put up no matter where they were on the court.  But as great as they were, this wasn’t reality. To be specific, in video game land, if you were a shooter and you with a defender in your grill, or you shot while fading away, or you dribbled for days and as soon as you had a sliver of daylight you’d launch it with one eye closed because you knew it would hit the bottom of the net. But no player ACTUALLY played like that…..unless your name was Stephen Wardell Curry. Everything mentioned above, Stephen Curry does/did just that. That’s how he plays, he’s that good, and that’s his reality.

So what’s a video game developer to do now? No longer do these universal algorithms apply. Stephen Curry is an anomaly, both on the court in real-life and in videogame land.  The jury is still out on finding a solution, but if you’re a gamer that uses Stephen Curry and GSW at 2K16 or Live’16 at least you have some excuse when your friends get mad at you when calling you out for utilizing the infamous 3pt cheese when coming from behind or breaking the game wide open.

Who’s got next game?