Packing for travel, whether for business or pleasure, is always a challenge. It’s even more difficult however if you’re into sneakers. Different events often call for different shoes and traveling does not change this rule one bit – you can’t just travel with one pair. Questions like, “Do I check a second bag for my shoes?” and “Do I put an extra pair in my carry-on?” begin creeping in your head almost every single time you travel if you’re into shoes like we are at Sole Shift. No matter how you answer, there is almost always a consequence. “Do I want to pay for a second checked bag?” “What if that bag gets lost?” Or… “I don’t know if I can fit two size 13 shoes in my carry on,” and the list goes on. Fortunately, The Shrine has come up with a solution that solves all of these problems.

The Shrine Sneaker Duffel is a travel bag designed with the sneaker enthusiast in mind. The duffel is outfitted with two large ventilated sections specifically designed to store sneakers and keep them fresh. Big feet? No problem. The sneaker section has expansion panels that allow you to fit shoes up to size 20 comfortably. This bag is not just a means to transport sneakers, as there is enough room to easily fit three full outfits and a set of toiletries. The duffel clearly addresses functionality and storage, without neglecting the little things. It’s equipped with smaller compartments for a tablet/iPad, charging cables, accessories and even a specialized pocket that can store your finest timepiece. Whether traveling out of town to play a game, visit family, or business, the folks at The Shrine have designed this bag to have you covered no matter where you go.