Under Armour has been making lots of noise in 2016 as the Little Engine that could to Nike, and Adidas, in the ultra-competitive basketball sneaker market.  They have been steadily outpacing both brands in some areas, like this one, and are on track to report just under $5 billion (yes that’s billions with a “B”) in sales despite recent industry disruptions.

That’s good news. But there is more good news also.  UA have announced the return of Dave Dombrow, the former Vice President of Creative Footwear.

This is a huge boost for UA and a shot a the Swoosh.  Dombrow had left UA to sign with Nike earlier this year but only after three months of leaving he is back to head up the role of Chief Design Offiicer, a position that was newly created, and is slated to begin August 1.  The irony is that despite having signed a contract with Nike he was not even actually working yet since he had a non-compete clause that had him starting with his new employer in 2017.

With Dombrow coming back UA will have the creative mind behind the initial Steph Curry signature shoe as well as one of the creators of the UASpeedForm Apollo which is was one of their more advanced pairs of running shoes at the time of release.  With the Curry line having been a runaway success thus far the return of the original visionary the line could only mean that more wizardry could be afoot.  This is some big news for sure for UA and should be impactful across their basketball lines, Curry and non-Curry alike, so lets seen what Dombrow has in store.